More and more people want to get from A to B quickly and easily, but capacity is already being stretched to the limit – especially in large cities. This results in overloaded infrastructure, traffic congestion, and delays. That is why our goal is not to create more transportation, but instead make transportation more personal.

Here’s how to solve the dilemma: if you combined all the options that currently exist – public transit, car sharing, bike sharing, taxis, etc. – it would be simple to plan a customized route. But to create these transportation alternatives, you need software platforms that can connect various mobility providers. This is where we come in: we make your life easier by developing such integrated information and booking platforms for intermodal mobility.

Our intermodal transportation platform helps keep mobility


and efficient, even with steadily growing demand.

plan, book, and pay


use different means of transport

Connected mobility offers increase the number of users


and capacity utilitzation.